Mussa 3D Run is back!


The classic endless runner Mussa's game with 3D perspective is back to Google Play and the App Store! Now available as a premium game, it is possible to play it without the annoying ads. Experience this classic again, get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Blocky Gate: Brazilian Carnival Update available


We have released a new update for Blocky Gate. The Brazilian Carnival update is already available to download on the main mobile platforms. The new theme is inspired by the Rio de Janeiro’s main Carnival parade on the Sapucaí. We have also added 3 new achievements and one new public leaderboard with Google Play Games and Game Center. To download the game, click here.

Blocky Gate Christmas Update released


We have just released a new update for Blocky Gate featuring a Christmas theme map. The update also brings some fixes and general improvements to the game. The map features the North Pole, where the players should open the gate to the Santa’s helpers and, with lucky, to Santa Claus himself. With snow, gifts, pine trees, elves and reindeers the North Pole is immediately accessible, no game progress required for the players. See more of the Christmas content on the update trailer.

Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters Demo is now available


We have released the demo version of Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters. The demo allows the player to test the tutorial, two of the initial levels of the game and walk around part of the first game world. To download the demo, click here.

Tropical Kong Penalty available on the Amazon Appstore


We have released a new update for Tropical Kong Penalty on the Amazon Appstore. The game is compatible with Kindle devices and Fire TV (playable with remote controller). The update features a new game mode and local scoreboards. Visit Amazon to learn how to download the game.

Blocky Gate gameplay video on YouTube


We have uploaded a new gameplay video of the Halloween update on our YouTube channel. The new game level features an old road to a haunted graveyard, iconic vehicles and more day/night variation. The update also adds a new leaderboard and achievements to unlock on Google Play Games and Game Center. To watch the gameplay video, click here.

Tropical Kong Penalty update released


We have released an update for Tropical Kong Penalty. The update features general improvements and gameplay changes. The update is available for Android and iOS devices.

Blocky Gate Halloween update released


Block Gate has just received the Halloween update. A new thematic map with new vehicles, achievements and leaderboard is now available to play. Take a look on the video trailer to learn more about the new features.

Blocky Gate now available at Amazon Appstore


Blocky Gate can now be downloaded for free on Amazon devices at Amazon Appstore. The game is compatible with Fire tablets and with the digital media players, Fire TV (supports remote controller). Click here to download it for free.

New Game: Blocky Gate


We've launched a new mobile game for free, Blocky Gate. A casual game that challegens your reflex. While in a cabin on the entrance of a port full of containers, in the parking of a mall or in the gate of a military base, your task is simple: open the right side of the gate in time. Download free on Google Play or on the App Store.

Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters on Steam


The game is currently on Early Access. Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters is available for Windows PC. The early access allows players to play the game while in development to help developers to find bugs and improve gaming experience. Learn more on the game's page on Steam here.